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Have you seen the Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection?

If you haven’t and you are at all like me (a gem & mineral fanatic) you will want to check out their collection! It’s world class, with some of the rarest, best, most beautiful and valuable. There’s a couple videos too, the Yowah nut is blow my mind amazing! ❤


Opal in organic material, yowah nut from the collection of The Smithsonian Institution.
Opal in organic material, yowah nut from the collection of The Smithsonian Institution.
Zambian emeralds glitter against a backdrop of coal-black mica in this superb mineral specimen. It’s one of the Institution’s most recent acquisitions.
Zambian emeralds glitter against a backdrop of coal-black mica in this superb mineral specimen. It’s one of the Institution’s most recent acquisitions.

Hooray for the Spring Equinox!

ASH29888CORN2It’s officially spring this Sunday and here at Griffin Minerals we are busy bees indeed. Spring Equinox is an excellent time for planting seeds, new ideas, clarifying goals and taking first steps. In that regard we have a lot of new rocks coming in and finally we’re getting some sun to take pictures that really show off these sparkly beauties. IMG_3007Some are already up, but here’s a sneak peak. And as always, if there’s something you’re looking for, send us a message and we’ll do our best to find it for you!


Have you ever thought about becoming a Certified Crystal Healer?

If you want a rock solid (pun-intended!) foundation for a crystal healing business, this is it.  Hibiscus Moon is a former Science Department Head and backs everything she teaches with scientific evidence so you can explain to the world why and how crystals work.  She has students all over the world, and they’re enrolling right now. Use this link – hibiscusmoon.ontraport.net/t?orid=81093&opid=9 and you will get a huge discount on the course and I’ll send you one of my gorgeous crystal chakra sets totally FREE.  Keep reading for more info!

unnamed unnnamed Hibiscus moon has just opened her course to the early bird wait list with an amazing, huge discount.

Even better, if you decide to enroll and you use this link – Certified Crystal Healer Course

I will send you completely FREE one of my gorgeous Chakra Crystal sets! (Value is $60 including free shipping)
A Chakra crystal set is a requirement for the course and you will get yours free from me when you enroll using my link.

These sets are not your usual tumble stones – they are beautiful high grade crystals. These have been chosen for their relative size and ability to place on the body.
Because they are all from Africa there is a certain special cohesion in the set.
I can do some customizing with this set – take a look at my inventory and please let me know if you’d like a stone substitution. Depending on availability there may be substitutions at my discretion.

Root – Smokey Quartz Palm Stone, Natural and Hand Polished
Sacral – Carnelian Palm Stone, Hand Polished
Solar Plexus – Citrine Crystal, Natural & rare
Heart – Rose Quartz – Raw, Gem Grade
Throat – Azurite and Kyanite
Third Eye – Amethyst Palm Stone, Hand Polished
Crown – Lepidolite

Please have a look, the course is highly regarded and her current discount is pretty unbelievable. The discount is only good for a few more days, don’t wait! When you sign up for the wait list you will get immediate access to signing up for the ultra discounted early bird rate.

After you’ve signed up for the course through my link come back here and purchase this listing and once I confirm your enrollment I will send you your set!
Would you like to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer?

Would you like to heal yourself & others by learning the SCIENCE & FUN behind crystal healing? What BIG DREAMS will you love up, nurture & grow for yourself? What seeds have you planted? What are you going to manifest?

Do you love crystals & want to learn more about how & why we can use them to better our lives, emotional well-being & health? Would you like to get Certified & add a new service that you can provide to others? Then come join our Crystalline Cohorts & find out what all the Sparkly Excitement is all about!

This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! We’ll explore all the newest research & use the science behind crystal vibrations to develop you into a different kind of Crystal Healer!

What does the course include?

8 pre-recorded video webinar-style classes (each approx. 90+ min.) Click here to view a class sample!

8 mp3 downloads

8 detailed transcripts of the classes

An auto e-course that guides you through week by week

Ooooodles of class resources

FUN suggested ohhhm-work assignments

Auto-graded self assessment quiz

1 integration week, giving you additional time to absorb & implement

1 year membership to our private Facebook Forum exclusively for students (Crystalline Cohorts) in the program; a community of Crystal Hotties to support you & to create friendships with for life.

1 on 1 Q & A support from our Crystal Coaches for the entire 9 week term in our Crystal Cave Forum

Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it

BONUS: A full year access to our LIVE playdates. This is a value of $240!

BONUS: Crystal Biz-Building Resources including marketing materials and marketing calendar

Once graduated, you’ll be certified by The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and be sent a certificate that is suitable for framing. You’ll also receive 18 CE’s from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), be able to use the letters CCH after your name, and be given approval to apply for optional accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association for a discounted fee.

The Certified Crystal Healer Program Includes These 8 Classes:

Basics of Crystal Healing & Therapy

Create Sacred Space & Self-Protection using Crystals

Working with Crystal Grids

Chakra Balancing Using Crystals

Working w/ Pendulums & Sensing Crystal Energy

Crystal Healing for Animals

Crystal Healer Toolkit: Crystal Energy Tools

Becoming a Professional Crystal Healer

Enrollment is now open for the next course which kicks off on March 1, 2016.

Gemstone Hearts

Coming this weekend, Hearts! What a beautiful way to show someone you love them, or to give yourself a little extra love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day shipping. Rose Quartz, Natural Smokey Quartz and Carnelian gemstone hearts. These are patiently hand shaped and polished. Some of the Rose Quartz are made from Star Rose quartz, so in the sunlight you will see those beautiful 3D star lines.

heartsroeDark, mysterious Smokey Quartz hearts, are natural, no heat treatment. Full of veils and rainbows they are gorgeous.

smokeyheartsThese Carnelian hearts are bright and cheery, just the thing to light your internal fire. They are not dyed and show all kinds of patterns, translucency and firey gem spots.

carnheartCheck out my Crystal Lore page for some history, folk lore and metaphysical info on these stones, it’s a work in progress that I update regularly. If you learn something fascinating about Carnelian, Rose Quartz or Smokey Quartz please share it in the comments below!